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Are You Confident Your Investments Are Positioned to Support You?

January 07, 2016

With all the market turmoil during the past few years, most investors are scrutinizing their investments and associated costs like never before. More importantly, they’re feeling increasingly uncertain about being on track to reach their financial goals.

What better way to help calm your fears than getting a second opinion? If you had a serious illness or a major health problem, you’d likely seek a second doctor’s opinion before settling on a single plan of action. Why not do the same for an issue just as important -- your financial health?

Having a comprehensive financial plan is a major step in pursuing your financial goals. In fact, a 2013 study by Harris Interactive confirms that 70% (nearly 3 out of 4) respondents with a written financial plan feel they will have enough saved for their retirement, a number that’s 26% higher than those without a plan!

As a way for you to evaluate your financial health, I am providing a “2nd Opinion” comprehensivefinancial plan and analysis service for $750.00 (a service normally valued at $1500.00) This no-obligation offer is a way for you to thoroughly compare your current plan’s allocation, provide financial education through a gap analysis, and help you understand what, if any, problems might exist.

 We may find that the course you’re on now, despite what may have been lagging performance in the past year or two, is exactly where you need to be. We may find, alternately, that had your portfolio been positioned differently, your outcome might have been better. Whatever the results of your comparison, I’m not here to “sell” you anything other than an objective way to analyze your current course.

Should you reach the unfortunate conclusion that you’re being underserved by your current advisor, or if you’re not currently working with a financial professional, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I might be able to be of service. But for now, my priority is to provide you with an objective resource, a “2nd Opinion,” for comparing alternatives against their current financial plan. Call 937 427-4292 today to schedule a time we can begin putting your 2nd Opinion financial plan together. I look forward to assisting you!