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To Newly Eligible Medicare Participants

June 19, 2020

In the next few months, you will be newly eligible for Medicare. That means considering your coverage options.

Should you sign up for traditional Medicare? If you do, should you complement it with a Medigap policy? Or should you opt for a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan through one of the major healthcare providers, which may offer greater coverage than traditional Medicare but less flexibility in terms of hospital and doctor options?

Of course, you also have a chance to alter your choice. Each fall, Medicare offers an annual open enrollment period in which you can switch from traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage or vice versa.

You may have considered all these options to some degree already. This letter is just a reminder that you are now Medicare-eligible, so these options will soon need to become choices.

If you’d like to discuss those options with me, please feel free to call me or email me today.

*Not affiliated with any government agency. *This is a solicitation for insurance, and a licensed agent may contact you.